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Corporate Responsibility has moved from the margins of the nice to do, to become a central focus in the drive for sustained competitiveness. This can be attributed to societal changes associated with climate change, the globalisation of supply chains, and the multi-faceted implications of a networked society. These represent risks to those companies that fail to recognise the significance of these factors. At the same time, they also represent sources of potential opportunity and success to those whose products and processes are responsive to these dramatically changing business conditions.

The fundamental issue that we want to challenge, is that Corporate Responsibility is not about donating sums of money or carrying out projects for the under privileged and then crowing about it in the media. It is all about carrying out the entire business in a way that minimises the negative impacts created on society and the environment as a result of its operations, whilst at the same time maximising the positive long term benefits created for all stakeholders.


Our clients benefit from our expertise in providing consultancy services in implementing and developing strategic corporate responsibility capabilities within their organisations. Our services are structured around the STING Corporate Accountability Model, which ensures a holistic and integrated approach to strategic CR.  Through our work on the Corporate Accountability Rating over a number of years, we have gathered extensive knowledge across industries on best practices in Sri Lanka. We have also built an extensive database which enables us to benchmark corporate performance from both a local and international perspective.

With the wealth of knowledge we have acquired, our strategic CR consultancy services take many forms, and are easily adaptable to the needs of our clients. Our services include:

In-depth audits of companies’ corporate responsibility performance along with feedback on performance and recommendations for improvement

Strategic guidance on how to integrate corporate responsibility into core business strategies

In-depth internal benchmarking studies for conglomerates in order to provide recommendations on how to  improve performance and establish one common responsible way of operating across sectors or subsidiaries

Stakeholder engagement processes where we work with companies on identifying and prioritizing key stakeholders and engaging with them in order to understand stakeholder views, identify potential risks and opportunities, and incorporate these into business strategies

Consulting on sustainability reporting including developing measurement tools, regularly reviewing progress, and assisting in collating information into well structured reports based on the GRI Guidelines

Auditing for Green Globe Certification in Sri Lanka and the Maldives


Defining the role the company wants to play in society.


The company’s process of defining and engaging with key stakeholders.


The company’s process of identifying and addressing key sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities.


Policies providing employees with guidance on how to operate in order to help the company achieve its sustainability objectives.


Responsibility and accountability incorporated into management processes and good governance structures.


Tracking and improving performance and keeping stakeholders informed.


The STING Corporate Accountability Index, published in LMD every other February, presents the results of the Corporate Accountability Rating, which systematically assesses the corporate accountability processes and performance of companies across Sri Lanka. Its aim is to promote an understanding of what corporate accountability is and what it entails from a Sri Lankan context, and to encourage more companies to adopt this way of doing business to promote responsible corporate behaviour for the greater benefit of the country.

The rating, based on the STING Corporate Accountability Model, measures the extent to which companies have built responsible business practices which meet the expectations of stakeholders into the usual way of conducting their business. It also acts as a benchmarking tool companies can use to guide their efforts in improving corporate accountability performance overtime.

The most recent edition of the Index was published in the February 2016 issue of LMD. The 2016 Index as well as past results and their accompanying analysis articles can be accessed below.


Corporare Accountability Index 2016  Corporare Accountability Index 2014  Corporate Accountability Index 2012  Corporare Accountability Index 2011  Corporate Accountability Index 2010


Green Globe is the premier international brand for sustainable travel, tourism and related green businesses. This well known certification is an important tool to build corporate reputation by certifying that hotels, resorts, businesses and organizations are conforming to internationally established environmental and sustainability standards.

STING Consultants are the accredited auditors for Green Globe Certification, for the regions of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We are responsible for conducting onsite audits of Green Globe members in order to confirm that required standards are in place. All Certifications are awarded directly by Green Globe after successful completion of the onsite audits.

Hotels and Resorts keen to showcase their achievements and best practices in sustainable tourism practices can register for Certification at www.greenglobe.com
Certified business enjoy a range of benefits including exposure through dedicated Green Globe marketing channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the newly released Green Globe App available for free download at the iTunes Store
Green Globe

Corporate Responsibility Articles

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Article 3: A Strategic Approach to Sustainability Reporting

Article 4: Dynamic Stakeholder Engagement

Article 5: Corporate Community Investment

Article 6: Corporate Responsibility and Branding

Article 7: Corporate Responsibility – The Future

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